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Peak oil – June 11 Rising energy prices will challenge western way of life – MoD report

Nafeez Ahmed, The Guardian
A little-known Ministry of Defence (MoD) report published earlier this year warns that converging global trends will dramatically affect UK economic prosperity through to 2040.
The report says that depletion of cheap conventional “easy oil”, along with… Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc), Energy Security Strategy p, greenhouse gas emissions, greenwashing, harper, Keystone XLCarbon, lobbying oil industry, Marcel Coutu, Ministry of Defence (MoD) report, oilsands, tar sands

Climate Change and Keystone XL: The Numbers Behind the Debate refineries and markets of the American Gulf Coast,

Keystone XL, the proposed oil pipeline connecting Canada’s Alberta tar sands region to the refineries and markets of the American Gulf Coast, has become the front lines in the battle between climate campaigners and the fossil fuel industry.
The pipeline would carry up to 830,000 barrels per… American Gulf Coast, Carbon and De-carbonization, Climate, climate change, Debate refineries and markets, Energy, Energy and Economy, energy facts, Environment, Environmental Policy, environmentally destructive crude, Keystone XL, Numbers Behind, Oil, Oil Change International, Politics & Legislation, tar sands, world’s dirtiest

10 Reasons Canada Needs to Rethink the Tar Sands Canada’s right-wing Prime Minister is in New York trying to convince lawmakers

Canada’s right-wing Prime Minister is in New York trying to convince lawmakers that the tar sands are okay, and that the Keystone XL pipeline should go ahead.
At the same time, Canada’s environment minister is in London trying to convince politicians there that tar sands crude is the same as… British Petroluem, Canada Needs, Carbon and De-carbonization, convince lawmakers, Energy and Economy, Environment, Environmental Policy, ExxonMobil, Keystone XL, New York, Oil, Politics & Legislation, Prime Minister, Risk Management, Sands Canada, stephen colbert, tar sands

Exxon Spills Tar Sands Oil Again, Can’t Find 126,000 Gallons Spilled In Arkansas Arkansas in March spilled some more into a yard in Missouri.

ExxonMobil has now confirmed that on Tuesday, the Pegasus pipeline that has been out of service since it spilled thousands of barrels of oil into Mayflower, Arkansas in March spilled some more into a yard in Missouri. In the town of Doniphan about 190 miles north of Mayflower, a resident… community newsletter, Environment, Environmental Policy, Exxon Mobil, News, Oil, oil spill response, Public Health, Sustainability, tar sands, Water

Keystone XL Pipeline: It’s About the Jobs, the Economy and Security according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll this week

Before digging into some new misinformation about the job and economic impacts of the Keystone XL pipeline, let’s underscore a figure: 58 percent. That’s the share of likely U.S. voters who favor building the full Keystone XL, according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll this week.
In public…

Gulf Coast refineries good place for Canadian crude, IHS analysts say Environmentalists opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline

Environmentalists opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline say it would transport dirty Canadian crude through the heartland of America, only so it can be refined on the Gulf Coast.
But that’s not a bad thing, according to a new study from the energy analysts at IHS CERA.
In a report released…

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