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U.S. SENATORS INTRODUCE BILL FOR ENERGY-STORAGE TAX INCENTIVES offering tax incentives to homeowners and companies

Four U.S. Senators proposed legislation offering tax incentives to homeowners and companies that install energy-storage systems in an effort to boost investment in renewable power.
The bill would provide a 30 percent tax credit, capped at $1 million per project, to homeowners and businesses that… Energy Storage, homeowners and companies, offering tax incentives t, tax incentives, U.S. SENATORS INTRODUCE BILL

Encouraging Solar photovoltaic Energy Development in Hawaii [INFOGRAPHIC] reported several achievements Hawaiian Electric Co.

Hawaii is one of the American states cracking ahead to make a switch to clean, solar power. We have reported several achievements Hawaiian Electric Co. reaching 20 megawatts of solar photovoltaic energy on the island of Oahu.
As usual, government incentives play a key part in promoting a switch… Alternate Energy, Electricity, Energy and Economy, Finance, hawaii, photovoltaic solar electric systems, Politics & Legislation, Renewables & Efficiency, rooftop solar, solar photovoltaic energy, Solar Power, Subsidies, tax incentives

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