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The Next Stage in Energy Efficiency LEDs and OLEDs Lighting

Back in the 90′s, the only place where you would see and LED would be on the on/off buttons of your electrical devices, and only came in red, yellow, green, and more red. With a couple of technological breakthroughs, LEDs are now the next big thing in efficient lighting, increasing the… Efficiency, energy efficiency, Green Building, LEDs and OLEDs, lighting, OLED market, OLED vs LED Lighting, Tech, Utilities

British cell phone company Vodafone Debuts Energy Harvesting Clothes at UK Festival

Music fans at the ongoing Isle of Wight Festival (ongoing, to Sunday 16th) are taking part of an experiment, although not of a sonic nature. British cell phone company Vodafone is using the festival to try out the Power Pocket, a wearable gadget designed to power peripherals with body heat and… (UK) United Kingdom, amazing renewable energy, Biofuels, body heat, Electronics and Computer Science Department, energy efficiency, Energy Harvesting, Environment, Green Business, News, Tech, Vodafone

Grid-Scale Energy Storage on the Cusp of True Market Entry holy grail of renewable energy Energy Storage Association meeting

Energy storage is often called the holy grail of renewable energy. The problem with the “grail”language is that the grail was never located. At least not with a compelling business case.
There is a lot to report from this week’s Energy Storage Association… advanced energy storage, big data, Electricity Grid, Energy and Economy, Energy Storage Association meeting, Finance, grid infrastructure, Grid-Scale Energy Storage, renewable energy, Renewables, Storage, Tech, True Market Entry

Plug-and-Play Grid Energy Storage Thanks to 1Energy’s Software per-kilowatt-hour basis, grid-scale battery projects

Why do batteries for the grid cost so much more, on a per-kilowatt-hour basis, than batteries for laptops, or even for electric vehicles? It’s not the cost of the battery technologies themselves, or even necessarily what grid customers are demanding from them.
Instead, it’s that today’s… 1Energy’s Software, advanced energy storage, demand response, Electricity, Electricity Storage 1Energy’s Software, Electricity Storage Association (ESA), Finance, Green Business, Grid Energy Storage, grid infrastructure, grid-scale battery projects, per-kilowatt-hour basis, Plug-and-Play, Renewables, Smart Grid, software, Storage, Tech, Utilities

Can Energy Storage Make Wind and Solar Energy as Reliable as Coal? generated 3.5% and about 0.1%, respectively, of US electricity last year

Wind and solar power generated 3.5% and about 0.1%, respectively, of US electricity last year.  These figures represent large increases from much smaller levels in the last decade as the cost of these technologies declined significantly, particularly for solar photovoltaic (PV) modules…. advanced energy storage, baseload power, deployment, Efficiency, Electricity Grid, Energy Storage Make, Finance, of US electricity, Reliable Coal energy, Solar Power, Storage, Tech, Wind, wind and solar energy

Energy Storage, Meet Energy Markets AES Energy Storage is one of the world’s biggest grid energy storage project developers,

AES Energy Storage is one of the world’s biggest grid energy storage project developers, with 150 megawatts of battery-based energy storage installed from the windy hills of West Virginia to Chile’s Atacama desert. But that’s just a small part of the bigger business of parent… advanced energy storage, Electricity Grid, Energy and Economy, energy investment, Finance, Green Business, News, Renewables, software, Storage, Tech

New GridSTAR Center: Smart Grid Research, Energy Innovation workforce training, building performance testing, energy management research and ‘smart’ microgrid modernization deployments,”

Announced last week, the GridSTAR Net Zero Energy Demonstration Project (or GridSTAR Center, for short) will serve as a “valuable hub for workforce training, building performance testing, energy management research and ‘smart’ microgrid modernization deployments,” as defined by… building performance testing, Efficiency, Energy, energy innovation, energy management research, energy research, Energy Security, microgrids, modernization deployments, New GridSTAR Center, News, Politics & Legislation, Smart Grid, Smart Grid Research, smart microgrid, Tech, workforce training

Solar Energy Industries Association Responds to China Trade Dispute “Meeting last week in China, SEIA and the Asia PV Industry Association

The solar trade dilemma seems far from over, but things are moving forward. The question remains exactly where they will move. Here’s an announcement put out by the Solar Energy Industries Association regarding what it and its allies have been doing:

Reacting to published reports that the… Asia PV Industry Association, China, Energy and Economy, Green Business, News, SEIA, Solar Panels, Solar Power, Tech, trade wars

Solar and Wind Energy: Value in Restating the Obvious about Renewables electricity as the same-size solar panel in Germany

George Orwell once said “Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.”
In this vein, here is Kevin Bullis in today’s MIT Technology Review:
Siemens says it would make sense to build solar power plants in sunny countries in Europe rather than in cloudy… anti-renewables, Communications and Messaging, Efficiency, Energy and Economy, Environment, Finance, germany solar power, off-shore wind, Renewables electricity, Solar and Wind Energy, solar panel in Germany, Solar Power, Tech, Value in Restating, Wind

Energy Efficiency Could Cut Wireless Power Demand 90 Percent By 2020 could quadruple global network power demands by 2015

An influx of smart phones has expanded wireless networks to the point that everyone, everywhere seems able to access the cloud. But looming mobile data needs cast a long shadow over electrical consumption – one that could quadruple global network power demands by 2015.

Smart phone power… CEET, Center for Energy Efficient Telecommunications, cloud computing, Efficiency, Electricity, Energy and Economy, Energy Demand, energy efficiency, global network power, mobile data, Sustainability, Tech

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