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Can We Curb Our Addiction to AC? U.S. Energy Information Administration

If you are the average American, chances are your power bill will be lower this summer than last summer. It’s not because of falling energy prices or eco-friendly practices, but because this year is expected to be cooler than 2012, which was much warmer than normal.
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China poised to top U.S. as top oil buyer; increased car sales spur jump U.S. and turn it into the world’s biggest oil importer,

China appears to be at a tipping point where surging domestic auto sales will soon drive it past the U.S. and turn it into the world’s biggest oil importer, taking a title that distinguished — and some might say hobbled — the U.S. for decades.
China already has drawn even with the U.S….

New Data Reveals U.S. Coal Use Rising Again (U.S. EIA) reveals a troubling trend: Coal-fired power generation

By Kristin Meek, via World Resources Institute
New data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reveals a troubling trend: Coal-fired power generation — and its associated greenhouse gas emissions — were on the rise as 2012 came to an end.
According to the data, which…

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