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British cell phone company Vodafone Debuts Energy Harvesting Clothes at UK Festival

Music fans at the ongoing Isle of Wight Festival (ongoing, to Sunday 16th) are taking part of an experiment, although not of a sonic nature. British cell phone company Vodafone is using the festival to try out the Power Pocket, a wearable gadget designed to power peripherals with body heat and… (UK) United Kingdom, amazing renewable energy, Biofuels, body heat, Electronics and Computer Science Department, energy efficiency, Energy Harvesting, Environment, Green Business, News, Tech, Vodafone

Did the UK Sign Up to 20 Percent Renewable Energy By Mistake? EU getting 20% of its energy from renewables by 2020

One of my pet peeves is the continued inability of many people to distinguish between energy and electricity. Headlines of “100% renewable energy by 2030? abound when they should say “100% renewable electricity.” This is not a trivial mistake, after all the majority of energy use is not… (UK) United Kingdom, Carbon and De-carbonization, Electricity, Energy Policy, Environment, Finance, Politics & Legislation, Renewables

Can Solar Energy Keep the Lights On in the UK? According to some the UK is potentially facing the lights going out by 2015,

According to some the UK is potentially facing the lights going out by 2015, for the simple reason that a lot of old coal plants are being shut down. (My view is that this is overplayed, but I’ll save that for a later post.)
The essence of the argument is that peak electricity demand will… (UK) United Kingdom, Efficiency, Electricity Grid, Energy and Economy, Energy Demand, Finance, solar energy, Solar Power

The Limits of Biomass: the 3.2 GW Hinkley C nuclear power station, UK Energy Needs

A simple thought experiment. What if instead of building the 3.2 GW Hinkley C nuclear power station, the UK built a biomass plant instead? We would need to do two things: build the power plant and gather up the biomass for the plant. The first is not a major problem. Land requirements for a…

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