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Companies may turn to courts on US natural gas export push await US Department of Energy approval

WASHINGTON: US companies hoping to export natural gas are frustrated by lengthy delays and rule changes as they await US Department of Energy approval of their applications and may turn to the courts to speed up the process.
US natural gas export push US Department of Energy approval
Both the… US Department of Energy, US LNG exports, US natural gas export push, WASHINGTON US companies

EU: 100 Percent Renewable Energy Is Here updated International Energy Statistics of Electricity Generation from the Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Two questions for you: how many countries in the world source their electricity 100% from renewable sources? And which major European nation that is well-endowed with renewable energy resources, is the worst at exploiting them?

The answers can be gleaned from the recently… Electricity, electricity generation, Energy and Economy, Energy Information Administration (EIA), enewable energy resources, eu, International Energy Statistics, renewable energy, renewable sources, Solar Power, US Department of Energy, Wind

Geothermal Energy gets a charge from Solar Thermal Marc Rappaport of Rappaport Energy Consulting LLC,

Geothermal solar hybrid retrofit project receives Department of Energy Grant Approval
Marc Rappaport of Rappaport Energy Consulting LLC received notification the US Department of Energy (USDOE) approved a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase 1 grant proposal for $ 149,900. The… (USDOE), Geothermal Energy, solar thermal, US Department of Energy

3 Tribes go Solar With Help From DOE Strategic Technical Assistance Response Team (START) program

The US Department of Energy will help three Native American tribes go solar this year through its Strategic Technical Assistance Response Team (START) program. Under the program tribes in Arizona, California and Colorado will get help from the program to go solar.
The effort is part of a… 3 Tribes go Solar, DoE, START program, Strategic Technical Assistance Response Team, US Department of Energy

EISA Projects Cut 7.1 Trillion Btu Per Year Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, federal agencies

As they try to comply with the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, federal agencies have so far implemented efficiency projects that save around 7.1 trillion Btu of energy and 4.4 billion gallons of water each year, according to government figures.
These projects have so far cost… Compliance Tracking System, EISA Projects, Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, federal agencies, Federal Energy Management Program, US Department of Energy

Citigroup: How solar module prices could fall to 25c/watt Energy analysts at global investment bank

Energy analysts at global investment bank Citigroup suggest that the cost of solar PV modules could fall beyond most expectations in coming years – and reach a cost of just 25c a watt by 2020.
The prediction is included in an analysis of the market forces that are likely to shape the world’s…

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