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World Bank Announces Renewed Support for Large Hydropower Delegates at the International Hydropower Association World Congress,

Delegates at the International Hydropower Association World Congress, which took place last week in Kuching in Malaysian Borneo, have heard that the World Bank has reversed a two-decade old decision to turn its back on large hydropower investment.
Speaking in the high level panel discussion… Climate Analytics, Climate Impact Research, International Hydropower Association World Congress, large hydropower investment, Potsdam Institute, World Bank

Is a High Renewables Future Really Possible? and electricity system (Part 1) (Part 2)

In recent weeks and months, there’s been much to celebrate about renewable energy and the electricity system—wind and solar in particular are continually breaking records for installed capacity and actual generation. But amidst the celebratory fanfare there’s also been an undercurrent of… electricity system, High Renewables Future, Really Possible, Renewables Global Futures Report 2013, skeptical opinion piece, Washington Post, World Bank

Development programmes: A fourth of govt spending hinges on foreign support PML-N government’s policy towards (IMF) like World Bank and Asian Development Bank (ADB)

As much as a fourth of the proposed spending budgeted under next fiscal year’s federal development programme hinges on the country’s relations with international creditors, while uncertainty lingers over the PML-N government’s policy towards the International Monetary Fund… (IMF, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Development programmes, foreign support, International Monetary Fund, PML-N government’s policy, World Bank

World Bank rethinks stance on large-scale hydropower projects Gorges Dam in Yichang, China,

Despite their disruption, can dams help the organisation work towards ending poverty while keeping carbon emissions down?
Energy rush … water is released from the Three Gorges Dam in Yichang, China, which has a total electric generating capacity 22,500 megawatts. Photograph:… China, Gorges Dam in Yichang, hydropower projects, large-scale, World Bank

Dear World Bank: Stop Funding Climate Change our children and grandchildren and the poorest throughout the world.

World Bank President Dr. Kim has spoken repeatedly about the damages that climate change will inflict on our children and grandchildren and the poorest throughout the world. This is a welcome signal that he understands the consequences of climate change, so now is the time for Dr.  Kim to lead…

World Bank Michael Stanleto continue help boost mine sector

LAHORE – A lead mining specialist of the World Bank Michael Stanley has said that Punjab was organising its mineral sector in accordance with international best practices, which would accelerate mineral related growth in the province. He said that World Bank would continue to support sharing…

World Bank threatens to block funds for various power sector projects senate standing committee on water and power

ISLAMABAD: The World Bank has asked the government to reverse its decision of placing 16 corporate power sector companies under the control of Wapda chairman or else it would stop funds for various projects.
Secretary Water and Power Sikandar Ahmed Rai told the senate standing committee on water…

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