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New York Trying to Create New Solar Rebate Market

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US Solar: Blistering Demand v Expiry of 1603 Treasury Program

 US Solar: Blistering Demand v Expiry of 1603 Treasury Program by Clean Energy IntelDespite the Solyndra affair and its aftermath in the politicalarena, the solar industry in the US continues to see a blisteringrate of growth. At the same time, the end of year expiration of the1603 Treasury

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More Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Actually Kills Jobs

Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Operation

A Think Progress writer wrote an interesting and (in my case) eye-opening piece about mountaintop removal coal mining (MTR).
There has been an ongoing battle between environmentalists and coal mining companies because the coal companies want to utilize

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Startup to Capture Lithium from Geothermal Power Plants

A startup company called Simbol Materials believes it can increase the domestic (U.S) production of lithium by capturing it, in addition to zinc and manganese, from the brine used by geothermal power plants.
The brine mentioned is actually a very hot fluid that is pumped from a hot area deep in

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Climate & Energy, Rhetoric & Reality

Listening to executives of the International Energy Agency discuss  their World Energy Outlook 2011 report this morning (Nov. 28) at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, even as the COP17 global climate negotiations begin in Durban, I found myself recalling Eliza

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Is Thorium the Energy Panacea We Have Been Waiting For?

Thorium is a naturally-occurring, radioactive, and amazingly abundant metal that was discovered in 1828 by Swedish chemist, Jons Jakob Berzelius. The mineral, named after the Norse god of thunder, has languished in relative obscurity for many years as opposed to its much more recognized cousin,

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A Better Nano Battery

Renewable energy such as solar has a basic problem: No sun , no power. In order to make it more usable the Power must be stored for off peak use when the sun does not shine. Batteries though die when repeatedly recharged. Stanford researchers have developed part of better battery, a new electrode

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EPA’s Jackson: States Doing ‘Good Job’ Regulating Shale Gas Production

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, in an interview aired Sunday by energyNOW on hydraulic fracturing regulation:”The vast majority of oil and gas production is regulated at the state level. There are issues of whether or not the federal government can add to protection and also peace of mind for

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A Fusion Reactor Hollywood Could Love

Kachan & Co.
Dallas is former managing director and executive editor of the Cleantech Group, credited with coining the term cleantech and founding the cleantech investment class. He is author of 400+ cleantech articles and reports, a regular speaker at cleantech events worldwide and is cited

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Pipelines and Tar Sands: Symptoms of Our Oil Dependence

Not everyone has the time or inclination to read through a 4,000+ word article, but I felt like the complexity of the issues involved in the controversial Keystone XL pipeline warranted that. In this article I will summarize the key points of the arguments I made in the original, while highlighting

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