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The Natural Gas Pathway to Sustainable Transportation three-fold advantage over traditional petroleum fuels

If you read the business section of a major U.S. newspaper with any regularity, chances are you’ve seen something about the potential for the shale gas boom to transform the transportation sector. Much of this excitement is derived from the fact that natural gas currently enjoys a three-fold… compressed natural gas (CNG), Future Energy Fellows, lng, natural gas, Natural Gas Pathway, rng, Sustainability, Sustainable Transportation, Transportation

Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes? environmental impacts of natural gas

I’m going to step a bit outside of my comfort zone for this, my fourth and final article in a series on the environmental impacts of natural gas. The question under consideration today is whether fracking causes earthquakes? Fortunately, there is some available science within the published… earthquakes, environmental impacts, fracking earthquake, Future Energy Fellows, hydraulic fracturing (fracking), natural gas

Shale Gas & Foreign Oil: How Realistic Is US Energy Independence? frequent refrain of American politicians and policymakers with an agenda

“America is too dependent on foreign oil” is a frequent refrain of American politicians and policymakers with an agenda. Indeed, in 2011 and 2012 the US imported 40-45% of all petroleum consumed in the US – 8.5 million barrels per day worth of crude oil as well as refined products such… American politicians and policymakers, Carbon and De-carbonization, foreign oil, Future Energy Fellows, marcellus shale, natural gas, Shale gas, US Energy Independence

Hydraulic Fracking & Water Pollution the environmental impacts of natural gas for The Energy Collective,

In planning my series on the environmental impacts of natural gas for The Energy Collective, I had always intended for my third post to cover the critical issue of water needs. While climate concerns may dominate for some (see my previous posts), it seems fair to say that the most contentious… Energy Collective, Future Energy Fellows, Hydraulic Fracking, hydraulic fracturing, natural gas, Risk Management, Shale gas, Water, Water Pollution

Unsung Heroes of the Shale Gas Revolution EIA studied 14 regions of the world. Source

EIA studied 14 regions of the world. Source: Oilfield Review, autumn 2011. Source: Schlumberger
Over the last five years, the rise of shale gas has been the single major event in the world of energy which will have a lasting impression for years to come. While shale production efforts have been…

Bridging the Gap? Natural Gas and Long-Term Climate Change Goals

My previous post examined the short-term impact of the North American shale gas boom on CO2 emissions, both at home and in Europe. Today’s entry will take a broader view by looking at the long-term effects that rising natural gas consumption will have on the climate. In particular, I want to…

the concept of ‘new energy sources’, Unlocking Technological Energy Innovation

When The Energy Collective asked me to write a series of posts about ‘new energy sources’, the term gave me pause. The more I thought about the concept of ‘new energy sources’, the more complex it became. What exactly is a new energy source, and what in particularly makes an new energy…

U.S. Shale Gas Meets European Climate Change Policy

Economists are suckers for a good paradox. Few things are more intellectually appealing to the practicing economist than a result which runs counter to his or her immediate intuition. Indeed, some of the most enduring ideas in history of economic thought have surprising implications at the heart…

Could LNG be a cure for the West African Power Crisis? and covering a population of almost 300M people,

West Africa, a region larger than Western Europe, and covering a population of almost 300M people, is one of the most power-deficient parts of the world. Sweeping south from the lush forests of Senegal through Guinea, mountainous Sierra Leone and Liberia, down the splendid coasts of Ivory Coast…

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