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Ernest Moniz on Natural Gas and “Forgotten Renewables”

In a town hall meeting with staffers last week, new Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz dropped a bombshell and a hint. The bombshell, at least as far as fans of natural gas are concerned, is that Moniz sees natural gas not as a permanent fixture in the U.S. energy landscape but merely as a temporary… Carbon and De-carbonization, Cleantech, Climate, Energy and Economy, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, Energy Security, Environmental Policy, Ernest Moniz, Forgotten Renewables, Fossil Fuel Transportation, Geothermal Energy, Hydro Power, National Energy Policy, natural gas, Obama energy policy, Renewables

Smart Meter Installations Headed for a Decline new electric infrastructure generally in California

new electric infrastructure generally A smart meter in California

 Smart meters are just one aspect of the new electric infrastructure generally known as the smart grid, but for consumers, they are the most visible. Utilities in California, Texas and other states have led the way on… Cleantech, Electricity Grid, Green Building, Obama energy policy, Politics & Legislation, Smart Grid, smart meter in California, stimulus

Energy Harvesting the Next Big Thing for the Smart Grid Solar panels capture energy from light and convert it to electricity

Solar panels capture energy from light and convert it to electricity.   This is the most visible form of energy harvesting, but it is hardly the only one.  Energy harvesting captures energy lost as heat, light, sound, vibration, or movement.  Devices that harvest or scavenge energy can… capture energy light convert electricity, Efficiency, Electricity, energy efficiency, Energy Harvesting, Environment, Environmental Policy, Obama energy policy, Politics & Legislation, Smart Grid, Smart Grid Solar panels, Tech

Clean Energy Policy: A Three-Legged Stool frustration about unrealistic political rhetoric on energy,

As I sit here at the jam-packed BNEF Summit listening to Senator Murkowski express her frustration about unrealistic political rhetoric on energy, I’m reflecting upon all the recent discussion among clean energy advocates here in the U.S. about priorities.
There’s a recognition that… Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, clean energy innovation, clean energy technologies, Cleantech, Climate, Communications and Messaging, Environment, Finance, Green Business, Obama energy policy, Politics & Legislation, Renewables, technology deployment

Shaheen-Portman Energy Efficiency Bill Is Back seemingly innocuous efficiency bill get through Congress?

Can a seemingly innocuous efficiency bill get through Congress? The Shaheen-Portman bill was just reintroduced to the Senate. The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will review the bill, which is sponsored by Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio).
The Energy… Efficiency, Energy and Economy, Energy and Natural Resources Committee, energy efficiency, Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness, ESIC, Finance, manufacturing efficiency, News, Obama energy policy, Politics & Legislation, Utilities

Ernest Moniz’ Confirmation Hearing: Importance of Energy Innovation nation’s next Energy Secretary,

MIT physics professor Dr. Ernest Moniz has yet to receive Senate confirmation to serve as the nation’s next Energy Secretary, let alone begin his tenure. This hasn’t stopped speculation about what a Moniz-led Department of Energy (DOE) might look like. National Journal quotes one… Brookings Institution scholar, clean energy innovation, Cleantech, Department of Energy (DOE), Dr. Ernest Moniz, Energy and Economy, energy innovation, Energy Secretary, Environmental Policy, Ernest Moniz, Obama energy policy, Renewables

Keystone XL Rewards: Jobs, Energy, Prosperity U.S. State Department reviewed Keystone XL four times now finds rewards aplenty

To hear the other side, you’d think the Keystone XL pipeline project would be nearly 1,200 miles of all pain, no gain for the United States. No rewards? The U.S. State Department has reviewed the Keystone XL four times now and finds rewards aplenty. While Keystone XL opponents don’t like… Energy, Energy and Economy, energy jobs, Environment, Environmental Policy, Jobs, Keystone XL Pipeline, Keystone XL Rewards, Obama energy policy, Oil, Politics & Legislation, Prosperity, Risk Management, U.S. economy, United States

Obama 2014 Budget Energy Proposals: Stuck in A Timewarp the White House’s proposed budget for 2014-23, several conclusions were inescapable

After spending some time going through the White House’s proposed budget for 2014-23, several conclusions were inescapable.  First, this administration still hasn’t thought through the implications of the energy revolution that’s currently unfolding in the US, as a result… 2014 budget, advanced vehicles, Cap-and-Trade, Cleantech, Energy and Economy, energy security trust fund, Environment, Environmental Policy, Green Business, innovation, natural gas, News, Obama energy policy, Oil, Politics & Legislation, renewable energy, Renewables, White House us Energy

Gallup Poll Shows Public Favor of Renewable Energies

The public demand for alternative energies remains alive and well, based on a Gallup poll released last week that analyzes popular opinion on various sources of energy.
Gallup conducted random phone interviews of 1,022 Americans earlier in March, asking which source of energy production should…

4th Graders Use Kickstarter, Fund Solar Array Multiple Times Over

Here’s a small story to warm the heart, via Clean Technical: At the start of March, a group of fourth graders from Central Park School in Durham, North Carolina — along with their teacher, Aaron Sebens — set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise $800 to set up a solar array to power their…

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