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Collecting and Spending Carbon Emissions Revenue source of revenue into the national treasury.

Whether it is via the auction of allowances or the taxation of carbon emissions, climate policy is increasingly being seen as a source of revenue into the national treasury. For example, the Australian carbon pricing mechanism will raise several billion dollars per annum in its fixed price… (ICMM), Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon tax, Climate, Energy and Economy, energy pricing, Environmental Policy, EU ETS Phase, European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS), Finance, International Council on Mining and Metals, ongoing hypothecation, Politics & Legislation

Energy Demand Reductions Help Slash US CO2 Emissions: A Closer Analysis CO2 Scorecard breaks it down shows nearly 75% of decline

Energy related CO2 emissions in the US fell by 205 million metric tons in 2012. CO2 Scorecard breaks it down and shows that nearly 75% of the decline is accounted for by demand reduction primarily due to the economy-wide energy efficiency and conservation measures in the transportation,… Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon tax, Climate, Coal, Efficiency, Electricity, Energy, Environment, natural gas, Nuclear Power, Politics & Legislation, Renewables, Shale gas, U.S. energy policy

Evolving Support for an Innovation Carbon Tax New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is nothing but consistent

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is nothing but consistent: he wants a carbon tax and he wants it bad. Since 2005, he’s mentioned “carbon tax” 41 times in his column. Yet, while his support for a carbon tax hasn’t waned, the characteristics of his preferred carbon tax policy… Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon tax, clean energy innovation, cleantech investment, Energy and Economy, Energy Trends Insider, Environment, Finance, Green Business, Innovation Carbon Price, Politics & Legislation

In Need of a Nudge? Carbon Tax and Making Polluters Pay French fries in the cafeteria,

Nudge is the best kind of book. It presents the type of head-slappingly obvious solutions to public policy problems that make you wonder why you needed a book to tell you about them in the first place. Place the veggies before the French fries in the cafeteria, and people will eat more greens…. California Cap-and-Trade, Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon tax, Coal, Energy and Economy, Environment, Finance, Incentives, Oil, Politics & Legislation

April 22 News: Happy Triage Day, Time For A Carbon Tax Happy Earth Day Happy Triage Day!

Happy Triage Day!
How to Put America Back Together Again: “The best place to start is with a carbon tax” [Tom Friedman column]
The effects of climate change mean that a carbon tax is a no-brainer. [Herald Business Journal editorial]
Earth Day. Conceived by Sen. Gaylord Nelson of… America Back Together, carbon tax, climate change, Happy Earth Day, Happy Triage Day

Climate Change: Why Going “Green” is Not Enough George Monbiot piece The Guardian,


George Monbiot has a piece up on The Guardian, Let’s stop hiding behind recycling and be honest about consumption, which is both more pointed than usefully pointed than most mainstream environmental writing, but still glides past some points that I think need emphasis.
In quotes… carbon tax, China, climate change, consumption

Can We Afford a Carbon Tax? National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) released a study conducted by NERA Economic Consulting

A big issue right now among manufacturers and policymakers alike is whether or not to put a price on carbon.  The debate over implementing a tax to curb greenhouse gas emissions has been raging on for years with no solutions in sight.  Economists and scientists alike are conducting studies as… Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon tax, Climate, Economic Consulting, Efficiency, Energy and Economy, energy investing, Environment, Environmental Policy, manufacturing, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), NERA, Politics & Legislation, Public Health

Australia: 100 Percent Renewable Energy Could Be all of Australia’s electricity needs Cost-Effective by 2030

A new study published in Energy Policy, and flagged by Wired, suggests that a bold-but-not-extreme carbon price could make providing all of Australia’s electricity needs cost-effective by 2030. This would meet all of the country’s electricity demand as of 2010 (that demand will remain… australia, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon tax, Climate, Electricity Grid, Energy and Economy, Energy Policy, Politics & Legislation, renewable energy, Renewables, Utilities

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