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Buffett & co choose wind energy investment over nuclear big announcements show wind and energy efficiency are financeable and attractive,

Investors working with utilities are making clear and clean choices for meeting our energy needs.  Two big announcements show wind and energy efficiency are financeable and attractive, and new small nuclear reactors are not.  Recently MidAmerican Energy chose to add more wind energy to… Austin Energy, Bullitt Center, commercial energy efficiency developer, company’s financial health, efficiency PPA, Energy, energy alternatives, EnergyRM, enery efficiency, feed-in tariff, Fossil Fuels, Global Warming, Living Building Challenge, Metered Energy Efficiency, MidAmerican Energy, Nuclear Power, nuclear safety, renewable electricity standards., Seattle City Light, Small Modular Reactors, small nuclear reactor, SONGS, value of solar, warren buffett, Wind, wind energy investment, windpower

The Bigger Picture: Nuclear Energy vs. Fossil Fuels court ordered the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to perform long-term storage of spent fuel at plant sites

By Jim Hopf
As I discussed last fall, a federal appeals court ordered the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to perform more thorough evaluations in support of its new Waste Confidence Rule, particularly with respect to the potential impacts of long-term storage of spent fuel at plant sites. While… Carbon and De-carbonization, Energy, Energy Security, Environmental Policy, Fossil Fuels, Negligible risks impacts, nuclear energy, Nuclear Energy vs. Fossil Fuels, nuclear generation, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Regulatory Commissio, nuclear regulatory commission (nrc), Politics & Legislation, REAL environmental, Waste Confidence Evaluations

Ministers Against Decarbonization Target Connected to Fossil Fuels 2030 last week in the House of Commons have received support

38 of the ministers who voted against the amendment to set a decarbonisation target for 2030 last week in the House of Commons have received support from, or are in some way connected to, the fossil fuel industry.
Together with other accusations of influence by lobbyists on MPs, and the alleged… Carbon and De-carbonization, Climate, decarbonization, emissions targets, Environment, Environmental Policy, Fossil Fuels, Oil, Politics & Legislation, Target Connected, UK

Renewable Energy and the Law of Receding Horizons build a 100% renewable energy society by 2050,

Many people believe that we can realistically build a 100% renewable energy society by 2050, thereby totally getting off fossil fuels in time to avoid the problems related to peak oil and climate change. This is certainly an extremely attractive ideal and, theoretically, it could be accomplished… 100% renewable energy, advanced energy storage, Biofuels, Carbon and De-carbonization, Climate, energy investment, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Power, Politics & Legislation, Receding Horizons, renewable energy, Renewables, Storage

Germany must spread cost of energy shift fairly: IEA power and fossil fuels towards renewable energy,

Germany must shield its consumers from paying too much of the cost of its ambitious switch from nuclear power and fossil fuels towards renewable energy, the International Energy Agency said on Friday. The IEA also said that Germany, with Europe’s biggest economy, should make greater use of… Fossil Fuels, Germany cost of energy, IEA, International Energy Agency, renewable energy

Our Energy Use In Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC] world’s countries for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

80.6% of the total energy consumption of the world still comes from fossil fuels. And this percentage hasn’t changed much in recent years. This might come as a surprise since climate change and sustainability seem to rank quite high on the international agenda.
Last year, the Doha… Climate, climate change, Efficiency, Energy and Economy, energy supply, Finance, Fossil Fuels, fuels, INFOGRAPHIC, Renewables, Sustainability, United Nations Framework Convention

Climate Change and the Price of Carbon vs. a Price on Carbon [VIDEO] immediate and long term impact on human existence on Earth

While browsing AdWeek, I came across a video titled The Price of Carbon and thought it would be worth sharing as a conversation starter. It’s a pretty concise way to encourage the continuation of a complex discussion about a topic with immediate and long term impact on human… Cap-and-Trade, Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon pricing, Climate, climate change, CO2 Emissions, Environment, Finance, Fossil Fuels, human existence on Earth, immediate and long term impact, Politics & Legislation, Price of Carbon, Price on Carbon VIDEO, Public Health

Sea to Shining Sea: Which US States Use the Most Fossil Fuels? debate over energy and climate change

A lot of the debate over energy and climate change has focused on changing how people live. But in a lot of ways, where someone lives is as important as how they live.
Not all parts of the United States are the same when it comes to how much and what kind of energy is used. That makes a huge… Carbon and De-carbonization, Climate, Coal, Energy and Climate Change, Energy and Economy, Environment, Fossil Fuels, greenhouse gases, natural gas, Nuclear Power, Oil, vermont yankee

The Economic Case for Divesting from Fossil Fuels economic sector, may soon be on the decline.

Securities of fossil fuels firms, as an economic sector, may soon be on the decline.

Predictions as to when oil and gas will become a smaller part of the investment society makes into its total energy mix, in favor of renewables such as solar, wind and ocean energies, vary, ranging from 2060… decline, Divesting, economic sector, Fossil Fuels, The Economic Case

Tell a G8 leader to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy Freak weather events are multiplying. Climate change is happening.

The global temperature is rising. Freak weather events are multiplying. Climate change is happening.
And yet governments are giving $6 to polluting fossil fuels for every $1 dollar that goes to clean renewables.
World leaders must move now to renewable, clean energy sources like wind energy. … climate change, Climate change is happening, EU energy policy, Fossil Fuels, Freak weather events, Global Wind Day, multiplying, renewable energy, Wind energy

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