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Denmark: Community Wind Energy Movement in Retreat [INFOGRAPHIC] may provide 50% of the country’s electricity consumption by 2020.

Denmark is the great wind power success story. What began as a local, popular, self-help movement during the oil crisis of the 1970s may provide 50% of the country’s electricity consumption by 2020.
Electricity generation from wind power is supported by the general public in Denmark and all… Cleantech, cost effectiveness, Denmark, Electricity generation from wind power, Energy and Economy, Environmental Policy, Finance, Green Business, Politics & Legislation, public attitudes, Subsidies, Wind, wind energy industry

Massachusetts Solar Energy Installations More Than Quadrupled Between 2010-2012 eco-conscious population, , a growing number of options for going solar,

Citing an “eco-conscious population, a growing number of options for going solar, and enticing Federal and state-level incentives”, award-winning solar integrator RevoluSun has released Massacusetts Clean Energy Center data showing that residential solar installations have more than… eco-conscious population, Electricity, feed in tariffs (FIT), Finance, Massachusetts, Massacusetts Clean Energy Center, Politics & Legislation, Residential Solar Installations, rooftop solar, Solar Energy Installations, Solar Power, Subsidies, Utilities

Memorial Day Driving By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC] Gas prices are rising in the Midwest and spot crude oil prices for the West Texas Intermediate

Following CAP’s piece yesterday that details exactly what it means to use gasoline to travel this Memorial Day weekend, here is an infographic that shows the cost of Big Oil. Gas prices are rising in the Midwest and spot crude oil prices for the West Texas Intermediate benchmark is nearly… Carbon and De-carbonization, Crude oil prices, driving, energy facts, Environment, Environmental Policy, Finance, gas prices, Keystone XL, Memorial Day Driving, Midwest and spot, nfographic, Oil, Subsidies, Transportation, West Texas Intermediate

Tesla’s Early federal clean energy Loan Repayment Earns Praise From Energy Department Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Ernest Moniz

The US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors announced this week that it has paid off its federal clean energy loan years earlier than required, and brand new Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Ernest Moniz could not resist a little celebration at the expense of the loan program’s… Cleantech, Department of Energy (DOE), Electricity, Energy and Economy, Energy Department, energy investment, Ernest Moniz, federal clean energy Loan, Finance, Green Business, News, Politics & Legislation, Repayment Earns Prais, Secretary Ernest Moniz, Subsidies, tesla, Tesla’s Early, Transportation

Wind Energy and the Myth of Widespread Negative Pricing explained American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

The increasing penetration of wind energy on U.S. grids is affecting electricity markets in a big way.
First, the good news.
“Nobody disputes the fact that adding more wind energy to the grid displaces more expensive sources of generation,” explained American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)… American Wind Energy Association, AWEA, Efficiency, Electricity Grid, Energy and Economy, energy prices, Finance, grid reliability, Myth of Widespread, Negative Pricing explained, Politics & Legislation, production tax credit (PTC), Subsidies, Utilities, Wind, Wind energy

Solar Energy: As Germany Goes, So Goes Vermont? Western world’s undisputed leader of government-subsidized renewable power

By Guy Page
“As Maine goes, so goes the nation,” went the political truism between 1834 and 1932, when the Pine Tree State picked the winner in almost every presidential election. When only staunch Republican (!) Vermont joined Maine in selecting Republican Alf Landon in 1936, winner… Electricity Grid, Energiewende, Energy and Economy, energy partnership, Environment, feed in tariffs (FIT), nuclear plant, Politics & Legislation, Renewables, rooftop solar, Solar Power, Subsidies, vermont

Encouraging Solar photovoltaic Energy Development in Hawaii [INFOGRAPHIC] reported several achievements Hawaiian Electric Co.

Hawaii is one of the American states cracking ahead to make a switch to clean, solar power. We have reported several achievements Hawaiian Electric Co. reaching 20 megawatts of solar photovoltaic energy on the island of Oahu.
As usual, government incentives play a key part in promoting a switch… Alternate Energy, Electricity, Energy and Economy, Finance, hawaii, photovoltaic solar electric systems, Politics & Legislation, Renewables & Efficiency, rooftop solar, solar photovoltaic energy, Solar Power, Subsidies, tax incentives

Which Country Saw a 20,000% Increase in Clean Energy Investing? Pew Charitable Trust’s fourth annual report,

No, it’s not China.
If you only glance at clean energy investment in the past year, you’ll see a marked decline in most areas of the globe. But not all.
In the Pew Charitable Trust’s fourth annual report, Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race? 2012 Edition, Pew and Bloomberg New… China, clean energy investment, Cleantech, Energy and Economy, energy investment, Finance, Green Jobs, New Energy Finance found, pew research, Renewables, south africa, Subsidies

Germany on the Verge of a Subsidy for Energy Storage German solar miracle for batteries instead?

Could a German subsidy on energy storage replicate the German solar miracle for batteries instead?
We should find out in a few weeks.
The launch and terms of a long-threatened energy storage subsidy are due to be introduced on May 1, according to a spokesperson for bank KfW which is involved in… Azure International, Electricity, Energiewende, Energy and Economy, Energy Storage, Finance, Germany energy policy, GTM Research report, News, Politics & Legislation, Renewables, Solar Power, Storage, Subsidies

Which Government Policies and Other Factors Have Reduced U.S. Carbon Emissions?

The U.S. was the largest emitter carbon dioxide (CO2) until 2006 when China’s emissions exceeded the U.S.  U.S. CO2 emissions from the consumption of fossil fuels peaked in 2007 and have declined significantly over the past five years.  Refer to the following graph:

Data Source: EIA MER… Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon emissions, Cleantech, Energy, Environmental Policy, federal government, Finance, Government energy policies, Politics & Legislation, Renewables, Subsidies

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