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few pointers for solving Pakistan’s energy crisis make game plan

WASHINGTON: Pakistan is grappling with an energy crisis of epic proportions. Here are some solutions:
Short-term measures 
Coal: Ramp up coal mining and production, and convert existing thermal power plants to use coal as fuel.
Coal contributes to less than 1% of Pakistan’s generation, even… energy crisis generating electricity, energy generation, energy specialists, generating electricity, IP pipeline, Iran-Pakistan-India-Bangladesh pipeline, National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, natural gas, Pakistan’s Energy Crisis, Shale gas, solution energy crisis pakistan, thermal power plants

Shale Gas & Foreign Oil: How Realistic Is US Energy Independence? frequent refrain of American politicians and policymakers with an agenda

“America is too dependent on foreign oil” is a frequent refrain of American politicians and policymakers with an agenda. Indeed, in 2011 and 2012 the US imported 40-45% of all petroleum consumed in the US – 8.5 million barrels per day worth of crude oil as well as refined products such… American politicians and policymakers, Carbon and De-carbonization, foreign oil, Future Energy Fellows, marcellus shale, natural gas, Shale gas, US Energy Independence

The Price of Ignoring Energy Innovation wealth and (highly efficient) energy consumption equivalent of present-day Germany,

The energy and climate challenge of the 21st century is easy enough to describe. For a world of 9 or 10 billion people to live at the per capita wealth and (highly efficient) energy consumption equivalent of present-day Germany, we will need three to four times as much energy as we consume… (highly efficient), Carbon and De-carbonization, carbon emissions, clean energy innovation, Cleantech, Climate, Energy and Economy, energy consumption equivalent, Finance, Ignoring Energy Innovation wealth, Politics & Legislation, population growth, present-day Germany, Renewables, Shale gas

Seventy seven percent of Austrians favour wind power by the Austrian Wind Energy Association,

A new opinion poll conducted in Austria has found that 77% of Austrians are in favour of wind energy compared to just 4% in favour of fossil fuels and 1% for nuclear power.
The poll, published on 8 May by the Austrian Wind Energy Association, IG Windkraft, also found that Austrian’s are… Austrian Wind Energy Association, Nuclear Power, Shale gas, Wind energy, wind power project

California: Energy Rich, Decision Poor diverging trajectories of two big, energy-rich states: Texas and California

The Wall Street Journal has an incisive editorial this week that compares the diverging trajectories of two big, energy-rich states: Texas and California.
Texas is flush with well-paying oil and natural gas jobs, supported by shale development spurred by advances in hydraulic fracturing and… California, domestic oil and gas, Energy and Economy, energy jobs, Finance, natural gas, Oil, Politics & Legislation, Shale gas, Texas and California

Can Europe Join the Shale Gas Revolution? [VIDEO] European Commission launched a Green Paper with the 2030 goals for Energy and Climate

Sonja van Renssen, leading environment journalist for viEUws – the EU Policy Broadcaster, provides a story on the future of an EU Shale Gas Policy, with an overview of how the US is conducting its own shale gas policy.
Last March, the European Commission launched a Green Paper with the… coal fired power plants, Energy and Economy, Energy Security, Environment, Environmental Policy, eu, EU Policy Broadcaster, EU Shale Gas Policy, natural gas, Politics & Legislation, Shale gas, Tech, Water

Drive to make energy cleaner has stalled. Shale gas could help. Remuda Ranch Estates in Parker County, Texas shale gas and renewable energy sources

A natural gas drilling rig casts a shadow on a residence near Remuda Ranch Estates in Parker County, Texas. In Texas, shale gas and renewable energy sources work together to reduce carbon emissions. A new IEA study says shale gas could help make world’s energy cleaner.
Average unit of… IEA report, Parker County, renewable energy sources, Shale gas

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