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Recovery Report: Japan PV Manufacturers Find Their Domestic Sweet Spot Japanese PV makers dominated global PV production

Almost one decade ago, Japanese PV makers dominated global PV production — Sharp, Kyocera, Sanyo (now part of Panasonic) and Mitsubishi Electric represented about 50 percent of global production in 2005. When German and other European markets expanded quickly, a great number of companies in… global PV production, Japanese PV makers, Kyocera, Mitsubishi Electric, part of Panasonic, production capacity, Sanyo, Sharp, technology innovation

Half-Hearted Nuclear Energy Cannot Continue, Leaders be “All In” April 2013 article written for Prospect Magazine titled Stumbling towards crisis

Dieter Helm has generously shared an April 2013 article written for Prospect Magazine titled Stumbling towards crisis. In that article Helm points to US energy decision making as a good example that serves as a contrast to UK energy policy making. He sees chosen path in the UK as almost…

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